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Opton ADSS-XOTKtsdD Overhead-Fiber Cable 72J 6T12F, G.652.D, 4 kN, span 80 m - OP-ADSS-XOTKTSDD-72F

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Currently not available. Please send us an email.


product description

Beschreibung/Description: Opton ADSS-XOTKtsdD Overhead-Fiber Cable 72J 6T12F, G.652.D, 4 kN, span 80 m - OP-ADSS-XOTKTSDD-72F

Opton ADSS-XOTKtsdD is a self-supporting, axial fiber optic cable designed for overhead installations. It is equipped with 72 fibers placed in six tubes (12 fibers per tube).  The tubes are twisted around a central reinforcing element - a 2.6 mm diameter FRP rod. The cable is distinguished by a very high pulling force - up to 4000 N. It can be easily hung on spans up to 80 meters. The  used  fibers are G.652.D.

The outer jacket is made of high quality HDPE, its nominal thickness is 1.5 mm. The cable construction is reinforced with aramid fibers, a special locking tape gives protection against moisture. The optical fiber is fully dielectric, in addition there are two ripcords in the cover.

The offered  product is ideal for use in overhead installations, on main routes. The cable is durable and has a long liveliness (it does not lose its operating parameters for a long time).It keeps the  following standards: ITU-T G.652, IEC 60794-1-1, IEC 60794-1-2, IEC 60794-3, IEC 60794-4-20, IEC 60794-4.

The cable has been designed for use in overhead installations, but it can also be successfully used in telecommunication ducts.

The most important features:

  • 72  G.652.D fibers;
  • 6 tubes,12 fibers in a tube
  • ADSS cable type;
  • diameter 11,1 mm;
  • max span: 80 m;
  • pull force: up to 4 kN;
  • Aramid reinforcements

Lieferumfang/Content of delivery:

    • Sold only on drums with a cable length of 4km - shipping on one pallet!
    • There is the possibility of rewinding (smaller cable length, on a smaller roll) - Please send us an inquiry by e-mail: sales at mikrotik - store dot eu


ADSS-XOTKtsdD 72 Fasern
Anzahl der Bündeladern6
Rohrdurchmesser2,4 mm
Die Menge der Faser in der Röhre12
Zentrales VerstärkungselementPręt FTP
Durchmesser der zentralen Verstärkung2,6 mm
Wasserblockierendes MaterialBand
Material der äußeren SchaleHDPE
Die Farbe der äußeren SchaleSchwarz
Die Dicke der äußeren Schale   circa 1,5 mm
Kabeldurchmesser~ 11,1 mm (± 5%)
Gewicht des Kabels92 kg/km (± 5%)
Mechanische und ökologische Eigenschaften
Maximale Spannweite80 m
Spannkraft4 kN

Kurzfristig: 1000 N/100mm

Langfristig: 300 N/100mm

Maximale Windgeschwindigkeit25 m/s
Installationsausnahme/ursprünglich1 ~ 1.5%
Zulässige BetriebstemperaturVon -40 bis 70 st. C

Bei 1310 nm: ≤ 0,36 dB/km

Bei 1550 nm: ≤ 0,22 dB/km

Chromatische Dispersion

1285 - 1340 nm: ≤ 3,4 ps/(nm*km)

1550 nm: ≤ 18 ps/(nm*km)

1625 nm: ≤ 22 ps/(nm*km)

Nullwert der Dispersion1300 - 1324 nm
Neigung der Null-Dispersion≤ 0,091 ps/(nm*km)
Modulare PolarisationsdispersionEinzelfaser: ≤ 0,15 ps/√km
Limitlänge der Welle≤ 1260 nm
Faserdurchmesser125 ± 1 μm
Durchmesser der Beschichtung (Lack)245± 7 μm

1310 nm: 9.1 ± 0.4 μm

1550 nm: 10.4 ± 0.5 μm