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4km Opton Aramid Z-XOTKtcdD Universal-Fibre, 8 Fasern G652D - OP-AZ-XOTKTCDD-8

1.313,76 EUR

incl. 19 % VAT
(Net price: 1.104,00 EUR)

excl. shipping costs

weight: 450,00 KG

delivery time on request

Currently not available. Please send us an email.

Currently not available. Please send us an email.

Product.Nr.: OP-AZ-XOTKTCDD-8

product description

Beschreibung/Description: Opton Universal Fibre

Opton Aramid Z-XOTKtcdD is an universal fiber optic cable with 8 fibers G.652.D. 

The fibers are located in one central tube with 2 mm of diameter. The construction was reinforced by numerous fibers aramid, thanks to that the cable is distinguished by high tensile strength - up to 600 N (installation strength: 1200 N). Two rods ARP with 0,5 mm of diameter make another reinforcement. The external cover was made out of high quality HDPE, its nominal largeness is of 1,4 mm. The optical fibre is totally non-conducting. The cable can be used in teletechnical canalization or in aerial installations. Maximal arc in aerial installations can be of 50 m. The product is of small diameter (+- 5,3 mm) and weight (+- 22 kg/km), but at the same time it's really resistant and strong.

Lieferumfang/Content of delivery:

    • Sold only on drums with a cable length of 4km - shipping on one pallet!
    • There is the possibility of rewinding (smaller cable length, on a smaller roll) - Please send us an inquiry by e-mail: sales at mikrotik - store dot eu

The most important features:

  • 8 fibers G.652.D;
  • one, central tube
  • universal cable;
  • cable can be used in teletechnical canalization or aerial installations;
  • more or less 5,3 mm of diameter;
  • maximal arc: 50 m;
  • tensile strength: up to 600 N (temporary 1200 N);
  • aramid reinforcement;
  • 2 rods ARP.


Aramid Z-XOTKTcdD 8 fibers
Number of tubes1 central tube
Diameter of the tube2 mm
Type of fiberG.652.D
GelThixotropic gel
The main elements of reinforcement2 rods ARP
The diameter of rod ARP0,5 mm
Other reinforcementAramid fibers
Substance of the external coverHDPE
Colour of the external coverBlack
Largenes off the external coverMore or less 1,4 mm (± 5%)
Diameter of the cable~ 5,3 mm (± 5%)
Weight of the cable~ 22 kg/km (± 5%)
Tensile strength

Continuous: 600 N

During the installation: 1200 N

Beam of bending

During the installation: 20 x the diameter

After the installation: 10 x the diameter

Acceptable temperature of applicationFrom -30 to 70 C